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Adults Services

You will be looked after by the best care professionals. Below are our services which are available whenever you
need us and for as long as you need us. We provide Day Care, Night Care, and any ongoing Care requirements.
Angels-Place prides itself on its regular home care service - we firmly believe it offers the best outcomes and quality of life for clients, who are able to remain supported in their own homes, continue living the lifestyle they desire, in familiar surroundings and near the ones they love. We provide the best care professionals, at competitive rates. 

Regular Care


Personal Care

Angels-Place prides itself on its personal care service - our personal care refers to assistance with dressing, washing and eating on an everyday basis. Angels-Place select only the most qualified, experienced and personable carers around - so that you know your loved one is being well looked-after and treated with dignity, professionalism, and most importantly, a friendly face. We provide the best care professionals, at competitive rates. 
We provide this continual care by our carer living in your home, catering to all your needs. Our carers adjust seamlessly to your routine, ensuring you are comfortable leading life the way you want to. With live in care, you get support for a variety of activities, including shopping, preparing meals, helping you with your morning routine and helping you stay fit. We provide the best care professionals, at competitive rates. 

Live in Care

Because caring for a loved one can become quite tiring, our respite carers can help with taking the stress away. Schedules can be personalised to your requirements—from a three hour session every other day to bringing in live-in carer for a fortnight. This provides respite to the regular carer/family member, so they can unwind and take some time off. We provide the best care professionals, at competitive rates. 

Respite Care

We provide carers for clients who reside in assisted living facilities, providing the highest standards of care and understanding for a range of needs, and on-call assistance for those clients who require a more hands-off approach. We provide the best care professionals, at competitive rates.

Assisted Living Care


Learning Disabilities

Angels-Place's care professionals are thoroughly trained to help clients with several forms of disabilities, whether physical or mental. Our expert carers are experienced in caring for clients with various mental and learning disabilities, and handle difficult situations with utmost affection and respect. We provide the best care professionals at competitive rates. 

Complex Care

Angels Place, is set up to provide regular and complex care services with upskilled care staff who are specially trained to handle a range of challenging and life-changing conditions.

We are able to provide care for clients with issues and various conditions, such as 
Nurse Led complex (medical) care including

› Airway management (Trachea)

› NG feeds

› Mickey/Minnie buttons (gastric fed)

› Palliative care

› Long term ventilation

› Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy

› Spinal injuries

› Diabetes


Paliative Care

End-of-life or palliative care can be a difficult subject to deal with as a family member. we can help in this tricky time - by providing a sensitive and capable carer - allowing you to focus on quality with your loved ones. We provide the best care professionals at competitive rates. 
In addition to above, we are also able to provide bespoke specialist care. 
Angels-Place Health and Social Care
Your better care starts at 
Angels-Place !

We help you with 

  • Doing dishes or laundry

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cleaning

  • Running errands

Personal Care and Hygene
  • Assistance with dialy routine

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Toileting

Meal Preparation
  • From shopping to Preparation,

  • we will assist you based on your requirements

Medication Reminders
  • Reminding to take medication

  • Reminding to drink water

  • Devising an exercise plan

Staying Active
  • We will provide support to keep you healthy and moving -

  • From small movements to

  • Going for a walk and exercise.

  • A friendly person for activities,

  • Accompanying you to community events

  • or even just talking

Post Operation Recovery
  • We provide Specialist care and support

  • Help you in the transition back into your home.

Angels-Place Health and Social Care

Ensuring best carers

Your better care starts at 
Angels-Place !
To ensure we provide you with the best professional carers, we conduct a comprehensive screening process.
Well Experienced
Enhanced DBS Checks are undertaken
Personal carer interviews
Real life care scenario based exam
Advanced Training
Background checks and certifications
Personal and professional refferences
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